summer 2020!

Hello you kind person who is checking my site! I’m happy to report that I’m dee-light-edly working away in my sunny shop making lots of new pieces of silver jewelry. There are no craft shows this year and I don’t really want to do mail order stuff, so here’s my news: This week, I’m bringing a nice selection of brand new pieces to the New Hampshire League stores: Concord Fine Crafts, Meredith (Lake Winnepesaukee) Fine Crafts, North Conway Fine Crafts, and Littleton Fine Crafts, for those of you heading WAY up North (a great place to be). Exeter Fine Crafts at the seashore has a wide selection of my jewelry as well.
I super hope you’ll visit one of these shops this summer, please ask to see my jewelry, and if all the stars align you might go home with something new and wonderful, and I will have that little connection with you that I value so much.
Everyone tells me I have to go online, and it might end up to be the truth, but for now, I’d much rather you see and touch things IN PERSON the way we’ve always done it, and next summer I’ll get to see YOU again and you’ll get to see me and my work. In the meantime lets let the NH League of Craftsmens shops be our matchmakers!
Thank you SO much for even checking in on me! All the best wishes for you, Tom

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  1. Hi Tom,
    I will miss seeing you this summer at Sunapee. I hope to be able to pop over to the Exeter League store and find the piece of your jewelry I am meant to see and love.

  2. Tom,
    Mary & I will miss seeing you at the craft fair. It’s always been a highlight of our summer to visit, shop, and chat with you. We can’t wait to see you again soon!
    Hope that you and your clan are staying safe, healthy and sane!
    – Brian

  3. Dear Tom,

    The best thing about going to the Sugarloaf Craft Fairs was getting to know you and other artists who create beautiful things–and, of course, being able to take home some of those beautiful things for myself. So Cara and I were devastated to learn that Sugarloaf is not just postponed, but gone for good. At the same time, we worry about what this means for all the artists who depended on the shows.

    When the world returns to normal (or at least closer to normal…) I hope to travel again to New England and perhaps see you (and your jewelry) there. In the meantime, please be sure to let us know if the time comes that you’re again participating in shows in the mid-Atlantic area.

    Best wishes,

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