It’s Spring!

Thanks to all you wonderful people who came out to the Sugarloaf Show in Gaithersburg and got my year off to a great start! I’m so grateful to you, first of all for coming to the shows, and second for liking the jewelry I make!

Now I’m working on some new surprises to bring to the Woodstock/New Paltz show on Memorial Day weekend. I’ll bet you’ve never seen opals like I’ll be bringing – like a piece of fire in your hand – and mysterious Penolith with patterns that just couldn’t have formed by accident. And a bunch of brand new silver designs to hold all the new stones I found over the winter.

As always, I only sell my pieces in person, hand to hand, so please come out to the Woodstock show in New Paltz, at the Ulster County Fairgrounds. It runs Saturday, Sunday and Monday, Memorial Day. I’ll see you there!