It’s Spring!

Well, it’s ALMOST Spring. Here in Vermont we’ve had super cold weather, then super warm weather, then super cold again. All of which has given me lots of time in my cozy shop to design and make some brand new pieces to bring to the Sugarloaf Crafts Fair in Gaithersburg, April 12th – 14th. It’s my first show of the year and boy do I have some new and startling gemstones to show you! They sparked up my imagination to help design some new settings that I’m really excited about. That’s the real root of my satisfaction: designing a new piece of jewelry around an artistic stone and then having you pick it out, try it on and as the smile spreads across your face, the happiness spreads through me too! We’re a great team! See you in April – come early to see the best things – they never last long (thanks to my wonderful fans!).