It’s a Whole New Year!

Hi all you wonderful people who enjoy my jewelry! The new year is just beginning and I couldn’t be more psyched to be able to go into my shop and design and make some brand new Silver jewelry to bring to the Spring shows, and just this morning I had a terrific design idea while enjoying my first coffee of the new year. Well, I HOPE it’s a good idea – you’ll have to be the one to judge that!

As always, I’m feeling so grateful that you and my other “fans” have enabled me to take raw elements from the earth, Silver and gemstones, and turn them into wearable items that I can then take to the craft and art shows and hand them DIRECTLY to you. No internet, no catalog, no mail order. Just the last of the “maker handing it to the wearer”. How lucky are we to have discovered this fun and joyful thing??

So, thanks again, and let’s meet up at one of the shows this year, OK? (say YES!) As soon as I’ve got my show dates finalized, I’ll post them with links in “upcoming shows”, below. I’ll see you there!