New Paltz, and on to Gaithersburg!

Hi and thank you, a real thank you to all you wonderful people who came out to the Woodstock/New Paltz show and made it one of the best Fall shows I’ve had there. We even braved rain and flooding on Sunday and had a number of memorable people “make my day”!

And now my thoughts are turning to Gaithersburg Maryland, and the Sugarloaf show there October 20-22nd. I’ve found a lot of amazing stones over the summer and designed some new settings that I think are pretty and exciting, so now is the fun time when I can head out to my shop and create some brandy new things to bring to Gaithersburg. It’s so fulfilling to make new things and have you come out to the shows, touch them and like them, and maybe wear one home.

That’s the reason I don’t, and won’t, sell online, or by mail, or through stores. At the shows, we get to meet each other in person, I get to show you all the things I’ve been dreaming up and making, maybe you find that one special piece that was made just for you, and we each go home with a real smile on our face.

I love my life and value your contribution to the whole picture. See you in Gaithersburg!

New Paltz!

Yay! It’s almost time for one of my favorite shows: The Woodstock/New Paltz Art and Craft Fair. It’s the weekend that, when I was younger, meant the end of summer. Labor Day signaled that school is starting and the fun is over. But now that I’m grown up, it’s the start of my favorite part of the summer: warm days, uncrowded weekends and one of the country’s best Craft Fairs!

I love selling my jewelry person to person. It’s the only way I do it: the good old fashioned I-make-it-and-hand-it-right-to-you kind of relationship. I love it and I hope you’ll come out to the show on Labor Day weekend and enjoy it too!

The weather forecast is great, temps in the 70s with sunny skies. What more could we ask for? So come on out and look for my booth in its usual place near the entrance to the Big Tent A. I’ll see you there!